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examples of work

Famille Verte Buddai biscuit Kangxi


Missing right hand and beads plus chip to robe at the front. 


Steam clean and swab with cleaning solution. Remodel missing hand out of modelling wax, form silicone mould and cast with Fynebond, fumed silica and fine artist pigments. Missing areas replaced without painting over the original glaze. 

Canton Enamel wine ewer


Cover damage to knop and surrounding enamel inside and out. 

Base handle off and very unstable at corners due to missing enamel. 

Missing chipped enamel to front panel and where handle joins the main body. 


Swab clean and consolidate lose enamel with Paraloid B72. Remodel missing areas and paint to match with Fynebond, fumed silica and fine artist pigments. 

Horse and warrior


13 broken pieces (many previous repairs) including missing area to muzzle.


Clean break areas and remove previous adhesive then bond with paraloid B72 and remodel missing areas with plaster. Retouched with Rustins acrylic and pigments. Previous repairs left as they were stable. Also the rider was too heavy for the horse so suggested support when displaying.

spanish lustreware manises 1770


Missing one of four cherubs on the handle, along with neck of the vase. The cover has damage on the cardinals hat and cracks to the handle. 


Clean and consolidate cracks to cover. Remove previous restoration to neck, swab clean body and steam clean break edges. Make a mould of missing cherub and throw a new neck out of clay, fire glaze and lustre glaze. Bond new areas to original with Paraloid B72 and spots pf gelled Fynebond fill to match and retouch. 

Tang Dynasty Camel 8th Century


New break to neck, 9 pieces including break to legs and base with previous repairs and rogue pieces.


Surface clean glazed body with cleaning solution and swabs, dry brush unglazed areas and mechanically remove old adhesive with acetone, leave stable bonds. Bond with Paraloid B72, fill missing areas with plaster PVA and acrylic fillers, retouch to match with Rustins acrylic and fine artist pigments. 

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